Airport marketing provides brands with a fully captive audience in thousands of locations around the globe, and EventPro Strategies is the expert in staffing great talent at the gate – and in the air.

gogo_pics_0017In 2008, EventPro Strategies partnered with Gogo Inflight Internet to launch their ground-breaking in-flight service. While we had executed experiential marketing programs in airports before, the scope of this program has never had an equal. EPS made history as the first event staffing agency to hire and manage staff to work on-board a commercial aircraft.

For over 5 years, EPS hired and managed professional, tech-savvy staff who executed in dozens of airports across the country. During this time, we were able to successfully navigate the highly-challenging and immensely complicated world of:

  • Airport security
  • Airline rules and employee relationship building
  • City-by-city airport regulations
  • Security badging
  • Committed, professional, long-term staff
  • Flight planning and schedule management
  • Travel logistics (including flight, hotel, stipend, expense management)
  • And so much more!

EventPro Strategies offers experienced field managers, salespeople, customer service representatives and event staff for airport marketing programs all over the United States, Canada and worldwide.

EPS knows its way around all of the red tape surrounding airport marketing, and customizes all programs accordingly. EventPro Strategies is able to handle simultaneous campaigns in all of your target airport marketing locations.

Executing an airport experiential marketing campaign is nearly impossible without a tenured, experienced partner on your side. Contact EPS today for a consultation!

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