With almost 2 decades of experience, EPS knows firsthand how to make guerrilla marketing work for practically any client.

Guerrilla marketing is an experiential marketing strategy that focuses on cost-effective, unconventional marketing tactics that get lots of attention and yield maximum outcomes. A successful guerrilla marketing campaign takes time, imagination, and energy, especially as it relates to execution. EventPro Strategies is here to set your campaign in motion. 

EPS takes your guerrilla marketing team where the action is. Our highly trained local market managers and street teams can lend their on-the-ground expertise to assist in identifying the best locations for your program.

Guerrilla marketing can take many forms, including:

  • Street teams
  • Flash mobs
  • PR stunts
  • Sampling
  • Pamphlet and flyer distribution
  • And more! You are only limited by your imagination.

With our consultative partnership approach, EPS can help launch any program for success.

As with all EPS event staff, guerrilla marketing field managers and brand ambassadors are selected from our EPS Talent Vault™, which contains thousands upon thousands of directly-hired variable hour employees. Quality control is maintained at all times, as EPS does not sub out talent or hire anyone as a 1099 independent contractor.

Get the most of out of your guerrilla marketing campaign by contacting EPS today!

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