EventPro Strategies continues to take the lead in large-scale event staffing and project management in event staffing.

With more than 17 years of proven experience in recruiting, screening, hiring, training and managing thousands of quality talent, EPS knows what large-scale success looks like and how to achieve it.

  • control-centerEPS locks arms with its partners to create strategic large-scale management solutions.
  • Our two-way communication guarantees your goals will be met from start to finish.
  • The more complex the campaign, the better! The EPS Event Management App allows EPS to deliver large-scale event staffing and execution services from a single market to hundreds (or even thousands) of locations in the US, Canada and worldwide.

Comprehensive Strategic Plan

  • Approach and execution plan mapping
  • Contingency planning

Dedicated Project Manager and Account Team

  • Project manager: One point of contact
  • Program Coordinators: Based on region or specialty
  • On-site management and site checks

Customized Training

  • Web-based, teleconferencing or in-person training
  • Learning Management System upgrade
  • Online quizzes/testing services
  • On-boarding programs for ongoing projects

Control Center

  • Advanced check-in procedures across all time zones
  • Real-time online or mobile phone check-in
  • Hotlines, help desks

Program-Specific Technology Solutions and Management Systems

  • Pre-event and post-event reports
  • Communication tools
  • Tracking, reporting and data capture
  • Assimilation of ROI and program metrics for analysis
  • Proof of performance (photos, videos, auditing)
  • Mobile consumer engagement technology

Talent Management and Oversight

  • Performance incentive development and tracking
  • Text reminders and motivators
  • Real-time feedback and troubleshooting
  • Strategy evolution based on daily metrics

Wrap-Up and Key Learnings

  • Analysis of program
  • Strategic recommendations for future programs

*Project management components are included based on the size, scope, budge, needs and intricacies of each program.

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