EPS will custom-fit your product sampling promotion with the Talent that can speak directly to your customers while letting your product shine!

It’s no secret that the products themselves are the stars of the show, however it’s the people that push the promotions and bring your customers to the sampling table! A product sampling promotion with EventPro Strategies means that your brand will have the support that it needs to get noticed by your target audience.

Through our industry-leading EPS Event Technology Platform and App, EPS can hire and manage staff to help you sample your products in as many markets as you wish – simultaneously! Professional brand ambassadors and product samplers are available through the EPS Talent Vault™ which contains thousands upon thousands of qualified talented individuals in the U.S., Canada and Internationally.

Whether you’re planning a small promotion with a few talent or are organizing an on-going nationwide sales and sampling campaign, EventPro Strategies is your preferred partner for all your product sampling promotions.

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