Street teams deliver your brand message to consumers where they live, work and play, which builds brand connections and drives sales. From the best staff to program mapping and logistics, EPS has you covered.

While street marketing may have begun with record labels  hitting the streets to promote up-and-coming bands and shows, today street teams are a standard piece of most marketing campaigns, from tech startups to big consumer brands.

Street teams are one of the most interactive and effective forms of marketing. With street team marketing you can:

  • Give your brand presence
  • Bring the promotion directly to your audience
  • Create buzz
  • Engage your target consumer face-to-face

In addition to providing the best street team talent in the industry, EPS can assist in program execution.

  • Scouting out the best street marketing locations
  • Identifying and singling out target consumers
  • Measuring results with event photos, statistics, and real-time data

EventPro Strategies’ provides street team members that have been successful in helping hundreds of brands reach their consumers. Available in markets all across the United States, Canada and worldwide, EPS hires and trains only the best street team marketing brand ambassadors that are hand-picked for your individual brand. Unlike most street team promotion event agencies, our ambassadors are individually hired as W-2 variable hour employees, not independent contractors, to ensure that your brand is protected.

EPS street teams have driven results for various industries, including corporate brand marketers, consumer products, technology brands, retail companies, entertainment studios and networks, music labels, new media companies – and they can work for you, too!

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