Effective communication is critical in reaching program goals and getting real results. Whether you are communicating your key points with your customers or your EPS-hired brand ambassadors, there are several factors that come into play. It is important to consider the following:

  • Delivery: Is your message difficult to convey verbally? Would a physical demonstration when showcasing a service, product, or training your employees or field staff, be a more effective way to communicate?
  • Time: How often are you delivering similar if not identical messaging to your audience either in person, on-line, or via conference call?
  • Cost: How much do you currently spend on communicating messaging, from printing and materials to labor and physical space?
  • Quality and Consistency: Are you certain that your messaging, key points, and drivers are delivered exactly the same way every time?
  • Professional Polish: Does your brand always come across well?
  • Scalability: Does your current process make it difficult to train a large amount of people at once, or people in remote locations?

EventPro Strategies understands how critical is it to establish effective, clear and cost-efficient ways of communicating that can scale. By producing a customized video, our partners deliver key brand messaging to their brand ambassadors, customers and/or employees. Videos can take the form of a product demonstration, where the company’s most effective sales person can take his or her message directly to event staff or consumers- anytime, anywhere- to a training video, where our partners physically demonstrate exact job and/or program requirements, providing trainees with clear, engaging, and consistent instruction for each program. In each case, costs are controlled as the video provides a repeatable, consistent and professional message while eliminating the need for recurrent labor, materials, and other costs.

Move the Needle Even Farther!

Once your video is produced, increase efficiencies and drive results by incorporating it into the EPS Learning Management System (LMS)! The LMS is an internet-based application that is used to communicate your messaging through self-paced, independent study. Whether its materials for staff training, brand messaging, industry education or any other content, your instruction manuals, handouts, videos, YouTube clips and more can be loaded into the system, with the option for voice-over instruction, imbedded quiz questions and performance tracking included! The LMS can also be used for customer education, hosting your product demo video and other sales materials for consumers to review in the comfort of their homes.

Video production could be the bridge that closes your communication gap, giving you the ability to save money and effectively deliver your brand messaging to customers and employees alike. Click here to get a quote!