Social Media and Experiential Marketing Now Go Together

7The internet is the first place to which consumers turn when they need information. That may seem like an obvious statement, but it is important for you and your business to note that having an online presence, particularly one on social media, is essential.

Truly good marketing still requires the face-to-face personal touch that EventPro Strategies (EPS) offers, such as event staffing and street teams. However, social media has greatly altered the way successful marketing is conducted. A campaign will simply not be nearly as successful without an established social media presence.

Before the Event

From Facebook, to Instagram, to YouTube, and beyond, social media is the place to market. Currently, successful experiential marketing simply doesn’t happen without a company posting to social media. It should be every company’s goal to also make encouraging followers to share its with other potential consumers a priority. People find out about upcoming events through their Facebook feeds, ads, Google searches, YouTube videos, and Twitter feeds.

During the Event

The online social sharing doesn’t stop there. The very experience of an event has changed thanks to social media’s pervasiveness. People’s phones, equipped with cameras and sharing apps, remain on, sometimes for the entire duration. It is those event photos and videos that end up—you guessed it—online. Businesses need to take the same approach and be preemptive in making photo and video sharing a part of their event.  Consider a hashtag campaign for your event. Then instantly reward event attendees for posting content to their social networks using your hashtag.

After the Event

Post-event, these captured moments become part of the marketing event’s follow-up. You can engage consumers further by encouraging them to share their own positive moments from the experience on social media, and offer them prizes in return for their efforts. The post-event sharing also increases your potential for engagement with those who may not have attended the event, but witnessed the fun afterward on social media.

Ultimately, social media is essential for businesses to stay relevant. From mom-and-pop stores to large conglomerates, combining social media exposure with experiential marketing is the best method for a successful campaign. At EPS, we can help you with Mobile Technology and Event Enhancements for your next Experiential Marketing campaign. Request a free event staffing assessment!

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