Street Team Marketing: How to Maximize Results

Street Team Marketing

How many times have you encountered a street team handing out fliers or samples? And how many times have you watched consumers turn down their offers or, worse yet, put them in the trash without so much as a glance? If you read our recent blog post on street team marketing for beginners, you realize, that despite these perceptions, street team marketing can deliver results. You also learned that this form of marketing can be activated easily and oftentimes at low cost. But, that certainly doesn’t mean marketers should put in the bare minimum.

Like with any event and experiential marketing initiative, members of your street team must be personable and adaptable to stop people in their tracks. But it’s important to remember consumers are seeing in-person marketing more and more due to its proven track record. This means your brand must stand out to get and keep the attention of your target audience.

5 Ways to Maximize the Results of Street Team Marketing

Companies ready to go the extra mile with street team marketing should take note of the following tips. By implementing one or more, you’re sure to stop traffic and maximize your street team’s ROI.

1. Attract an audience. Don’t chase it.

Instead of blindly approaching consumers, why not draw them to you? In doing so, people will be much more open and attentive to what your street team members have to tell them. This can be achieved through such simple props as costumes or wearable signage or billboards. More complex measures can also be instituted and include product demonstrations, interactive technology, contests or giveaways, photo opps and flash mobs.

Just be sure when taking on any extra initiative that you’re mindful of three critical needs:

  1. Permits. One of the basic necessities mentioned in our previous post, permits may be required for your street team’s activation. Further, the permits should accommodate your team’s actions and not just their presence.
  2. Event staff. Choosing those individuals comprising your street team should be a top priority. As mentioned, they must be personable, adaptable and embody your company or brand in the exact way you want. They should have the skills necessary to fulfill planned initiatives and effectively attract consumers.
  3. Training. It doesn’t matter how simple or in-depth your street team’s responsibilities will be; training will be necessary. At a minimum, event staff should be educated on detailed talking points to ensure the interactions they are having with consumers are consistent and get your desired message across. And depending on how you plan to attract your crowd, training may expand to include product knowledge for demos or even flash mob choreography.
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2. Stay unified on site with event staffing technology.

No matter how well planned your street team activation, the day of your event will likely be hectic. Maintain a united and professional front when you stay connected with event staffing technology.

A full-featured event staffing platform will give individuals an automated way to check in and out. It will also supply staff and attendee surveys for real time insight into activation results and will deliver reports for analysis. More importantly, it will enable your street team members to stay in touch for questions or concerns that may arise during the event. Their ability to communicate on important issues is critical to their success and ultimately, yours.


3. Use social media to build hype and extend your reach.

Once plans and permits are in place, marketers should create hype around their street team marketing event via social media. Posts can share exact details or even leave some to mystery. Either way, your goal is to draw people to your event and entice consumers to interact with your street team.

Create a hashtag specific to your theme/messaging during planning. AdWeek confirms the importance of hashtags for their abilities to build “brand-name recognition” and help brands find their target audience.

To help drive adoption of your hashtag, it should be displayed on signage, your talent’s clothing and other available areas. Additionally, it should be incorporated into on-site activities. This may be for photos with costumed talent, a self-serve photo booth, or as a requirement for entering a contest/giveaway. Each time the hashtag is used, your street team’s reach expands exponentially and your return on engagement (ROE) increases.

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4. Incentivize your street team.

The talent that make up your street team should be motivated to do a great job. Many companies offer incentives to help maximize performance and consumer engagement. After all, this type of “cold call” customer service work is not for the faint of heart! Rewards and recognition can inspire your team members to go above and beyond.

While monetary incentives, such as cash and gift cards, are always welcome, acts of appreciation will do the job, too. Motivate your street team by hosting a contest that gives them points each time they contribute to your goal. An informal ceremony can be held at the end of the event, verbally recognizing them for their efforts. (Other ideas to show your street team appreciation are here.)


5. Reward consumers.

To keep the post-event momentum, make consumer data a priority. Yet, the fast-paced environment in which street team marketing takes place allots a short time window. This makes data capture difficult. Give consumers a reason to provide their name and email address and reward them for doing so. Incentives may include a free product sample, coupon, company swag or a digital download.

The process to capture data can be streamlined for both your street team and consumers when you implement mobile technology. Look for a platform that’s quickly accessible and provides easy download of data after the event for immediate follow up. Streamline your efforts and maximize your technology investment when you choose a solution that can automate contests, giveaways and social media engagement.

Companies and brands accelerate street team marketing efforts when they enlist the talent, technology and expertise of EPS. Contact us to learn how we can help move you in the right direction and maximize results.

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