Street Team Promotions That Will Stop More People

Street Team Promotions


I could hear the commotion as I perused the cases of jewelry. It wasn’t more than a minute later when I heard someone ask, “Want to join the party?” I turned to see a lady with a smile. She patiently waited for me to take the flyer from her hand. She could sense my apprehension and began telling me all about the event. The brand was Kiehl’s; the perks were celebrity biker appearances and free facials; and the cause was AIDS awareness. I thanked her and told her I’d try to make it by. It was then I noticed people all around in their branded shirts, approaching shoppers and delivering the same talking points.

After I’d done my shopping, my curiosity got the best of me, so I walked towards the noise. A DJ was blaring today’s hits. People were dancing. The facial chairs were full. And, one of the guests of honor was greeting attendees. It was the most lively Monday morning I’d ever seen in this store or in the entire mall for that matter. The amazing traffic drawn to this event was another great testimony to the power of street team promotions done right.

Why Street Team Promotions Get Results

Street team promotions reach people right where they live, work and play. This means such initiatives allow brands to target individuals based on a number of factors. These include their geographic area, interest or even income. And, they do so where people are most comfortable, helping consumers let down their guards to hear what brands have to say.

When brands use the best event staff, they make greater strides towards their event goals. That’s because their staff members’ skills and know-how encourage consumers to take the next steps towards the call to action. This may be visiting an experiential event, such as that of Kiehl’s, or going to a website to learn more or to buy a product. The sky’s the limit when it comes to street team promotions. And, this makes them effective for many types of initiatives.


Street Team Ideas to Fuel Your Brand’s Success

Brands may find success with these ideas and examples when launching street team promotions in support of the following goals. 

To Drive Traffic.

Many options exist to drive traffic to your event, store or website, such as email invites or digital ads. The problem with the latter is 65% of us ignore these ads and will skip them without thought. Yet, when you consider the power of physical engagement, as demonstrated by Kiehl’s campaign, the activation of a street team in any targeted location can make a big impact on your goal of consumer participation.

The Hershey’s brand is an exemplary model. Marketers for the beloved chocolate treats, known for their big brand experience, launched one of their best initiatives to date. Building on the excitement of the 2016 Summer Olympics, Hershey’s activated a street team of branded, costumed characters to interact with attendees at a pep rally for the pending games. The event staff posed for photo opps, that increased ROE with a custom hashtag, and handed out limited-edition Team USA milk chocolate bars. They then encouraged consumers to visit their nearby retail store. There, they could get their hands on more Hershey items, including more branded Team USA.

Other retailers, as well as restaurants, rely on street teams to drive traffic to existing or new locations. A typical activation may include promotions, such as coupons for a free appetizer or a percentage off, to get people in their doors. 

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For Product or Service Launches.

The average American family buys the same 150 products, per the Marketing Research Association. This contributes to the failure of 85% of all new offerings. And, it creates big challenges for marketers who need to impress and often with little budget. That’s why many look to street team promotions to get the word out about their product and win consumers over.

Once targeted areas are identified, street teams can be activated to educate and build excitement for brands. One great, yet simple example is the launch of Hot Tamales Tropical Heat candy. The campaign put handpicked brand ambassadors on busy streets in Charleston and New Orleans. There, street team event staff talked with passersby and let them try the new candy, handing out over 100,000 samples. They also captured selfies with consumers and encouraged them to share on social media using a custom, branded hashtag. This one task extended campaign reach beyond these two cities to a national platform. The result was greater return on engagement.

Yet, launches aren’t limited to products or services. In fact, street teams were created by music fans and are still used for album releases. Also, many TV series will use the medium to encourage viewers to watch series premieres, like Bravo’s show, Odd Mom Out. It promoted its first episode with a street team in Manhattan. Eighteen women dressed as flashy moms pushed branded, pink strollers and handed out cards with details on how to win prizes. It’s no doubt they turned heads and turned viewers on to the new show, now in its third season!


To Enhance Brand Perception.

Branded event marketing experiences, such as those provided through street teams, have a positive effect on consumer relationships. In fact, 74% of consumers are more likely to buy the products promoted at these events. Hershey’s knew this when asking street teams to encourage people to visit their retail store. Yet, there’s another thing we saw with the Hershey’s example. Making your brand part of community events, like the Olympics pep rally, is a great way to take advantage of social excitement and capitalize on consumers’ existing positive feelings. 

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The mega sports brand that is Major League Baseball knows this, too. Their event marketers realize the passion that many have for – as well as the draw of – the annual World Series, especially in the host cities. But, it must also create a positive brand perception to keep fans coming back all season long. That’s why the brand gets out and interacts with them through street teams each year. MLB event staff talk with fans, take photos and hand out swag. These efforts help build connections outside of those the fans have with its teams and see Major League Baseball for the cohesive brand that it is.

The truth is any street team promotion done right will enhance brand perception. It doesn’t matter if that’s the primary goal or not. And, it’s this reason and more that makes street teams a good decision for any brand wanting to create excitement and stop more people, even on a Monday morning.

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