Street Teams: The Rules of Engagement

glory4Incorporating street team marketing into your brand’s outreach efforts is an effective and overall smart strategy. With street teams you are able to engage consumers where they live, work and play, rather than passively waiting for them to notice you.

Street teams put a face and a personality to your brand, and partnering with an event staffing agency that understands the need to find the right people with the right experience and skill set to best represent your brand is critical. But even before you have your perfect brand ambassadors lined up, you need some basic rules of engagement to ensure that your brand message is communicated in the best way possible and that your program goals are met.

Rule 1: Have a post-event plan.

Once you have a street team execution plan together, make sure you also have a post-event consumer engagement plan. To increase street team ROI, make sure that the impact of delivering your messaging through face-to-face marketing stays with consumers long after your street team has moved on. Utilize mobile lead generation forms that your brand ambassadors can access from a Smartphone to capture consumers’ email addresses (or other data point), or tie your form to a QR and/or SMS text code so consumers can access your form to receive updates, discounts, videos, promotions…the sky is the limit! Just make sure that you know how exactly how you will be gathering data and continuing the conversation with those who you engage, and that your street team fully understands your goals and the role that each one of them will play.

Rule 2: Define objectives, establish a code of conduct and ensure proper brand training.

Your street team members will be representing your brand in a somewhat unstructured environment, so ensure that they are crystal clear on the basics. Have a clear program “mission statement” and make sure they understand what you want the outcome of the street team event to be. The better educated your representatives, the better they will be able to meet your goals. Also be very clear as to what they absolutely should not do, from eating or drinking during activation to committing a branding faux pas. Finally, make sure they retained the information you gave them by requiring they pass post-training quizzes, either on-line or verbally with a supervisor.

Rule 3: Build momentum and keep your street teams excited.

After training, in the time between your team passing their program quizzes and the day of the event itself, keep them engaged and, most importantly, get them excited for the event. Fill them in on how many people they are expected to reach and how important it will be for the brand. Build brand love by holding small brand knowledge contests or “pop quizzes” and reward the winner with a $20 gift card. Be creative and make sure that your representatives are as excited about the event, and your brand, as you are.

Rule 4: Provide your street teams with effective promotional tools.

In addition to adding significant value to your street team program, when used correctly your promotional products can significantly impact conversion. When choosing what type of giveaway to supply your team with, ask yourself the following questions: Does this product relate to the services I provide (i.e. will the consumers use this in an environment in which they will be making a decision to use my product/service)? Does this product correspond with my marketing message? You should skip disposables like flyers, water bottles (unless you have a water-purifying product/service) and other things that are relatively uninteresting or unremarkable.

Rule 5: Give your team some leeway during activation.

One of the greatest and most entertaining aspects about a street team campaign is the sense of spontaneity and excitement. To that end, allow your brand ambassadors to be themselves when engaging with consumers. If you make sure to follow “Rule 2” above and clearly communicate your brand directives and code of conduct, allowing brand ambassadors to deliver some messaging off the cuff will create a sense that what they are saying is genuine and less rehearsed. This will give consumers a better sense that your brand ambassadors are actually vested in your product or service and are not just repeating what they are told.

All in all, choosing street team marketing is a wonderful way to engage with the public and extend your marketing reach, all while building relationships with your consumers. Now that you are equipped with our Rules of Engagement, what are you waiting for? Your public (and increased conversions) is waiting!

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