EPS prepares our talent to deliver a world-class brand experience.

Our proven event staff training tools are focused on brand knowledge and customized campaign initiatives.

Best Fit Staffing

  • MatchScore proprietary algorithm. Identifies the best candidates for every program; considers location, staff experience/certifications, client feedback/ratings & more
  • Pre-recorded talent videos. Talent profile videos allow clients to “meet” candidates
  • Talent reviews. Onsite managers rank each Brand Ambassador on “The Five Ps” so clients can see past performance
  • Staff photos and/or on-demand videos. Talent can submit event-specific interview videos during application process
  • Certifications. Staff upload required certifications (e.g. TIPS, CDL)
  • EPS Talent and best practices. Almost 2 decades of successful talent selection processes facilitated within our app-based platform

Talent Training

Once we identify the talent that best match your event needs, we provide training resources and methods to ensure their success.

  • Upload/revise training/campaign documentation instantly
  • In-app training/event document downloads
  • On-brand talking points
  • Talent testing/proof of retention
  • Reporting system shows staff compliance and event readiness

Additional Event Staff Training Methods

EPS consistently delivers the highest level of event staff training to ensure the experienced brand ambassadors’ selected for your event fully understand your product or service and always exceed your expectations.

Personality Assessments

The Predictive Index® assessment is a scientifically validated tool that offers a fresh understanding of our team’s individual needs and drives. EPS has begun testing it’s team to ensure the perfect fit with our clients and their programs!

  • Predictive Index® Assessment
  • Interview with EPS Program Coordinators
  • Program Training & Testing

EPS is committed to identifying and preparing the right people to embody your brand and reach your event goals. To learn more, fill out the form to the left or request a proposal!

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