Thoughtful, accurate and detailed data is fundamental in demonstrating event ROI.

EPS provides technology to aid our clients in gathering event information, from audience demographics to product/service reception and program feedback.

Program-Specific Field Reports

  • On-line report cards and/or lead generation forms
  • Analyze event attendee responses and target market data in real-time

Real-time Data Capture

  • Consumer feedback
  • Sampling/distribution numbers
  • Conversion ratios

Trend Analysis

Get the most up-to-date trending patterns based on key consumer data, gathered by event staff.

Event Photos/Videos

Ensure brand consistency, turnout, client communication, and event staffing successes by viewing talent-uploaded photos and videos.

Influencers to drive experiential marketing strategies

EventPro Strategies views every interaction in the field as an opportunity. We want to ensure our clients make the most of each one. Click the button below to learn more! 

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