EPS tools w outlineThe EPS Mobile Lead Generation platform is 100% customizable both when collecting and viewing event data.

  • Data Collection: Lead form is accessed in person via a representative or by using a QR codetext codea short, trackable URL or the entry method of your choice
  • Finger-signing technology is included to validate interest and remain in compliance with solicitation laws
  • Data Processing: Data goes directly from the lead form to the database. No manual data entry.
  • Integration: Data can be integrated with CRM, sales databases and/or operations systems
  • Real time data:  View data instantly from your client portal
  • Analysis and Reporting: Customized data analysis and reporting

Once your lead data is collected, we measure and assimilate it.

Continued Post-Event Engagement

  • Mobile Surveys: Obtain consumer information, gather feedback regarding your product or service or collect any other data

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Inquire about Mobile Device Rental: Never purchase or outsource equipment such as laptops, tablets or hand-held devices. No repair or replacement costs – EVER.

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