EventPro Strategies’ web-based Mobile Marketing Surveys are customizable and can be accessed from any mobile device.

  • Mobile Survey page 2Diversity of content includes radio buttons, free form text, drop downs and more.
  • Eliminate printing, postage, associated labor, data entry, processing
  • Real-time reporting with multi-variant segmentation via a client portal or an Excel or CSV file
  • Capture, analyze and interpret data within the EPS system
  • Integrates with CRM, social media, Point-Of-Sale, loyalty programs and any number of third-party systems
  • Multi-entry using an SMS Text CodeQR Code or Short URL (or all three)

Follow a mobile marketing survey with:

  • A special promotion, coupon or a call to action
  • An option to schedule appointments or drive the consumer to your purchase page.
  • And more

360 Post Event Survey 2

Diversify your marketing program by adding any of the following to your mobile marketing program:

  • EPS Mobile Attendee Check-In: Upload an attendee list and check each person in through any mobile device. Prompt attendees to fill out a Mobile Survey following the event to gather important feedback.
  • Automated Confirmation Emails: Customized message can follow the survey and include a call to action, links to websites, info on sales promotions and discounts and more!
  • EPS Lead GenerationSave time and money by eliminating paper leads and automating data processing. Follow up with a Mobile Survey to gather additional data and increase engagement!

lead gen

Please inquire about ​Mobile Device Rental: Never purchase or outsource equipment such as laptops, tablets or hand-held devices. No repair or replacement costs – EVER.

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