EPS offers Text-to-Win, Text-to-Vote/SMS Polling and Sweepstakes packages that help clients engage event attendees via a fully automated platform.

Our platform allows clients to easily incorporate campaigns related to:

  • Attendee feedback and data capture
  • Contests
  • Event give-away
  • Future product or service offers
  • Social media
  • And more

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In addition to consumer engagement, our packages offer real time data and insights related to event effectiveness.


Platform Features

  • Automatic, Random Winner Selection and Campaign Controls. Our platform can randomly select a winner or allow you to make the selection at your convenience. We offer campaign controls that can limit responders to one entry per phone number or cap the amount of participants (i.e. “First 100 texts are eligible”) to encourage participation.
  • Prefer QR codes? No Problem! Rather than use an SMS text-to-win code, EPS can provide QR codes tied to your sweepstakes or contest entry form.
  • Keep in Touch with Participants. Our platform can send automatic follow-up emails to participants and encourage them to opt-in to future messaging. YouTube Videos, MP3’s,  photos, URLs and more can be included.
  • Quick to Implement, Accessible from Any SMS Phone. Most campaigns are running in as little as 2 weeks.

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