On-site Brand Ambassadors Are Now On-Line Brand Advocates!

With EPS Social Media Integration, your brand ambassadors expand brand and event awareness with power of social media.

  • BEFORE the Event: Brand Advocates advertise and encourage participation.
  • DURING the Event: Brand Advocates post real-time photos and status updates.
  • AFTER the Event: Brand Advocates share brand messaging, post event results, and advertise future events or special offers.

Leverage the Social Media Reach of your EPS Brand Advocates!
To exponentially expand your brand message and target a specific demographic, utilize your brand advocates’ own social media networks to post event updates!

EPS uses a multi layered, on-line screening process in choosing your brand advocates:

  • EPS’ own pre-screened talent network ensures staff quality and reputation.
  • Social media ranking systems, such as Klout, determine how connected and influential candidates are.
  • EPS program coordinators review the candidates’ social media connections and activity levels.

EPS Social Media Integration Packages

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EPS Social Media Basic:
EPS brand advocates provide event content and photos before, during and after your event.
In addition to status updates and Status updates and photo-sharing on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest.
Incorporate the most up-to-date social media technology, such as Foursquare check-in and Path.
EPS Brand Advocates spread aware- ness through their own networks, through the client’s networks, or both!
EPS Social Media Premium: (customized pricing)
Includes all features of EPS Social Media basic, but can incorporate a la carte add-ons such as:
On-line control systems monitor what event and brand content is posted and where.
Listening campaigns to gather follow- ers and mentions of your brand across all social and non-social media sites.
Event-specific Facebook and social media pages/microsites.
Custom-made social media networks built to target your specific event audience.
Brand Advocates extend outreach to their own schools, communities, and selected forums.