Thank You and Happy Holidays from EPS!

As we reflect upon the passing year, we at EventPro Strategies continue to be enormously thankful for all of our valued client and talent relationships. EPS has been fortunate to have many long-term partnerships throughout the years, and we know that without our outstanding clients and hardworking Talent community we would not be the event staffing industry leader that we are today.

In 2014, EPS will celebrate our 15th birthday, and with that milestone we will also celebrate the many exciting years that have ensued since the company’s founding in 1999. Our story is unique, and we are proud that it embodies what small business is all about- seizing the moment and taking initiative.  

Jessica Stackpoole founded EPS while working as a freelance tour manager in experiential marketing. During that time she was traveling the country for a Fortune 500 Brand and managing the brand’s local teams. When the modeling agency hired to supply local staff began hiring poor-performing Talent who either didn’t show up or couldn’t successfully execute live events, Jessica knew she could provide better Talent for her client. In order to legally hire staff from her large personal network, Jessica discovered that she needed to be an agency. The next day, then 25-year old Jessica went to the local courthouse, paid $42 for a license and, at that moment, EventPro Strategies was born. That Fortune 500 Brand became her very first client, and soon many of the brands that Jessica had worked with previously were also on board as EPS clients. 

During her first year in business, Jessica cut 1,800 Talent checks – by hand! Ever since, Jessica has guided the company from a one-woman shop in Asheville, North Carolina to a $15+ million dollar enterprise with offices across the country. We continue to be immensely grateful for our client and talent relationships throughout the years, as each and every one of these brands, agencies and individuals have played a part in the company’s remarkable evolution.

As we approach 2014, we look forward to another year of building long-lasting and meaningful relationships and executing outstanding live events. Our entire team at EPS wishes everyone a joyous and warm holiday season and a successful and happy 2014!

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