These Brands Triumph With the Best Event Staff

The Best Event Staff

“Wisdom is knowing what to do next, skill is knowing how to do it, and virtue is doing it.” – David Starr Jordan

Many people may question the virtue of the former Stanford University president, David Starr Jordan. But one thing is certain; his quote hits the nail on the head for seasoned event marketers as it relates to finding the best event staff. To be successful, they know they need individuals who are wise, skilled, and demonstrate good character. It doesn’t matter how grand their plans are. Without the right people to do the job, efforts can fall flat. That’s why brands that put resources into hiring staff with these traits reap the greatest benefits.

3 Requirements of the Best Event Staff

Event and experiential marketing activations are dynamic, even with the most rigorous planning and preparation. There are some factors we just can’t control. Yet, the best event staff will be flexible to adapt to changing conditions. And, this makes their wisdom to know “what to do next” a critical requirement. 

Fortunately, most aspects of their jobs will be planned, and your event staff should be capable of executing prior to the big day. They must have the skill to do whatever you’ve assigned for them. So, this makes their screening of utmost importance.

Last, their work ethic will propel them to show up – on time – and fulfill their duties to the best of their abilities. This builds trust with your attendees, and that makes their virtue of high value to your success.

When event staff have these three things, brands will win at event and experiential marketing.

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3 Brands Winning at Event and Experiential Marketing

With event and experiential marketing on the rise, more companies are tapping the best event staff to personify their brands and carry out their consumer engagement visions. The following three elite brands are leading the pack when it comes to top brand ambassadors.


1. Nintendo

The innovative gaming company understands the power of getting face to face. So, it uses experiential marketing to build and sustain its fan community and launch new products. That’s because it knows that letting players get hands-on with its games is the best way to capture their attention and reel them in. Yet, it also understands how critical brand ambassadors are to realize its goals. 

Nintendo’s activations are fun, but successfully serving up that fun requires quite a bit of skill. This means event staff must be personable, and they must also possess other traits and know-how. The most important is an aptitude for games and gaming consoles, since they are there to ensure visitors are successful in trying out their products. The staff must have enough wisdom to help attendees navigate the controls, guide them through play, and answer their questions. Nintendo also understands that enthusiasm is contagious – the individuals representing them must exude passion for gaming to amplify the fan experience.

In short, Nintendo’s brand ambassadors are nurturing nostalgia with its original fans and making new enthusiasts out of their children. It is the event staff that help to ensure the brand love lives on. Follow them on their 2017 Summer of Play tour, where you can see their latest gaming system, Nintendo Switch, and their outstanding event staff at work! 

Cause Marketing Event

2. Ford

The automotive giant never takes its community for granted and often uses experiential marketing as a way to give back. Its initiatives are as direct as its 20+ year sponsorship of the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. Yet, even as a partner of the NFL, its efforts included the recognition of local heroes in nine cities. This philanthropic focus requires brand ambassadors of the same mindset to make Ford’s desired connections with attendees.

The brand needs event staff who can interact with anyone, from breast cancer survivors to members of the media to military personnel. Further, each activation typically consists of several components. So, the brand also needs individuals who are flexible and capable.

To ensure success, they seek event staff with skills based on the particular activation. And it may require food preparation or execution of interactive elements, among others. The company’s products are also a core component of each activation, which means brand ambassadors must have a firm grasp of key talking points. It’s easy to see Ford requires the best event staff – those with skills as “tough” as the company’s vehicles, allowing them to rise to any challenge.

3. Michelob

Anheuser-Busch is well-known for its refreshing and various beer choices. And more and more, it’s becoming known for its refreshing alcohol promotions surrounding their brands, too. Michelob Ultra is a great example.

Earlier this year, the brand embarked on an event marketing campaign comprised of 41 activations. These were in support of its sponsorship of select PGA tournaments, as well as running and cycling events across the nation. And, they needed the best event staff to serve beverages in the most responsible manner. TIPS-certified brand ambassadors got the job done.

Not only did they help ensure the safety of attendees, they showed them a memorable time. To do so, they engaged them in conversation and fun activities while distributing ice-cold Michelob ULTRA samples. Some activations also included an interactive koozie making station. Others combined a digital photo booth, where brand ambassadors encouraged attendee participation and social sharing for increased brand ROE. The images from the event provided further proof that fun was had by all, making this campaign another huge success for the company and the brand. 

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The Best Way to Find the Best Event Staff

Few companies have the resources – the people, time and money – to recruit, screen and hire the best event staff. This means many brands might choose poor representation and waste valuable marketing dollars on failed activations. Others neglect to follow proper procedures for employing these workers and are at risk of facing fines and penalties by the Federal government. 

An expert event staffing company will have a wise, skilled and virtuous network of event staff already in place. From street teams to trade shows, a good partner will further screen its talent to identify the best individuals with the right certifications for a particular activation or series of events. It can also offer other value adds – and necessities – such as training and on-site management. Many event marketers find that an event staffing company is the solution they need to not only find the best event staff, but to win at event and experiential marketing, too.

Since 1999, EPS has supplied countless brands with event staff who have the wisdom, skills and virtue to reach our clients’ event goals. Contact us to discuss how we can help your brand win every event.


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