Marketing Firm: Momentum Worldwide
End Client: US Army
Program: Experiential Marketing Staffing and Execution, Mobile Tours, Large-Scale Staffing and Project Management


  • Large-scale tour set out to enhance the image of the US Army and portray it as an exciting and challenging opportunity for new recruits.
  • Improve public awareness at events all over the United States, including NHRA races, colleges, and festivals.
  • Execute elaborate mobile events including interactive games, simulators, and other hands-on experiences to attract the public and give them a peek into the activities that an Army recruit would engage in.



  • 1 Tour, 28 events.
  • 800+ hours of total execution. (8-18 total staff members per event day)


  • 3 Regional Tours, 80+ total events
  • 2500+ hours of execution. (8-32 total staff members per event day)


  • 2 year time span with events lasting 1-10 days.

Program Elements:

  • Local staff hired to meet strict requirements for tour stop events – usually in small markets.
  • EPS Talent hired to work long hours in outdoor elements. Staff trained to stay energetic, enthusiastic and super interactive throughout, while maintaining an upbeat attitude with race fans and event-goers to get them excited and interested in the program.


  • TEPS met the challenges of rural areas and small markets with success by finding staff that fit the Army’s very specific profiles, in very limited time frames.
  • Seamless staffing and interactive activities proved to be a very postitive, influential, and memorable experience for everyone who attended the many tour events.



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