Marketing Firm: Momentum Worldwide
End Client: Wendy’s
Program: Street Teams


  • To promote Wendy’s fresh, never frozen hamburgers by giving away and grilling fresh hamburgers onsite, ordered any way consumers pleased.
  • Keep customers coming back to Wendy’s by getting as many gift cards as possible in the hands of hungry consumers.



  • 30 Executions in 26 Markets (462+ Total Staffed Talent)
  • Each execution entailed:
    • 1 Red-wig Character to lead a team of Followers – Total 26 Talent
    • 4 – 10 Street Team Members- Total of 180+ Street Team Talent
    • 5 – 12 Brand Ambassadors- Total of 230+ BA Talent


  • 7 months (Each City Activation was 1 Day)

Program Elements:

  • Actor/Manager portrayed the popular “Red Wig Guy” from Wendy’s commercial campaign. He led a street team in and around the event site to attract attention and bring as many consumers possible over to the event area.
  • Team Leader – worked onsite and managed, organized and delegated tasks to team of staff between 5 and 12 people.
  • Street Team – Worked with the actor to help promote event and persuade consumers to follow them to the event site for a delicious Wendy’s free hamburger.
  • Brand Ambassadors – Assisted with set-up and break-down of event site. Interacted with consumers to promote Wendy’s by handing out free hamburgers and playing interactive games with consumers.


  • 25,000+ Burgers sampled
  • 50,000+ Wendy’s Gift Cards distributed
  • Thousands of very happy Wendy’s consumers.

Client Testimonial:

From the moment I approached the staff at Event Pro they were more than willing to take on whatever staffing issues arose.  Jai worked hand in hand with our field  managers sharing information to make sure each and every event was fully staffed.  This was a true national tour and EventPro Strategies demonstrated they truly were a national talent agency. “
– Timothy Greiner, Momentum Worldwide


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