What is Promotional Modeling?

If you’ve walked through high-profile events like Brand Parties, Automotive Events, Las Vegas Industry Conventions, Comic Con, the Super Bowl, you’ve probably seen and/or participated in, a live experiential marketing campaign conducted by a super engaging and attractive man or woman. These people are hired promotional models who have been given the job of promoting a brand’s product or service to consumers, and they can be an effective option for your brands marketing needs as well. Are you interested in learning more about how to integrate promotional modeling into your live brand experiences? Let’s take a look at the facts behind this popular marketing option.

Why Should You Consider Promotional Modeling staff as part of your brand marketing experience?

When it comes to marketing options, the people who promote your brand are also the ones who are representing your company’s image to potential customers. For this reason, attractive, energetic, and sociable individuals are in high demand for companies that want their brand to be represented by the right people. Promotional models are specifically hired to leverage the attractiveness of your brand, your event booth, or execution, whether you need someone to demonstrate your product in action or to engage in an exciting PR-stunt to get your brand’s name noticed.  In short, they get your event noticed.  Promotional modeling involves effectively marketing your product in such a way that your potential customers are given the face-to-face interaction that makes a difference and delivers results. Plus, promotional modeling works well in high-traffic areas within major cities and at high-profile events, thus increasing your brand’s visibility and overall audience.

What are the Traits of a Promotional Model?

When you work with an event staffing agency like EventPro Strategies, your marketing event will be staffed by energetic, engaging, articulate and friendly individuals who will effectively market your brand. Friendliness and excellent communication skills are key when it comes to promotional modeling because, while fashion models generally don’t have to speak with their audience, promotional models constantly need to talk about your product or brand and capture the attention of consumers. For this reason, our models are not only highly attractive, but also outgoing men and women who will give your brand the attention it deserves during your marketing events.

Incorporating Promotional modeling is a great option for businesses that are looking for the best people to promote their brand. Are you interested in learning more about how promotional modeling can help your brands awareness? Contact us today for more information!


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