What is Street Team Promotion?

Street teams are an excellent way to reach your potential client base while ensuring your message spreads accurately and quickly. Unlike typical print marketing, where companies share their products through a medium such as billboards, street promotion utilizes an organized group of people to interact and spread their message in a public place.

Street promotion dates back to 1975, when record labels shared mix tapes and flyers from unknown artists as a way to spread their name and talent. What started as a group of teenagers advertising for their favorite band has turned into a guerilla marketing tactic for companies of all sizes. Due to the street team success, marketing companies have implemented street team events as part of their guerilla marketing arsenal. Organizations frequently enlist marketing companies to apply their experience and creativity to assemble a team ready to spread their client’s message to the public.

Street teams are assembled and given brochures, postcards, flyers, giveaways, and other forms of promotion to hand out to certain demographics, locations, or the general public. Street teams often ask the public to share contact information on a form or digital device, visit a website, or send a text message to further engage with a product through a contest or future event. Street promotion companies often give their audience tickets to events or coupons for products for signing up or even just engaging with the team. 

Street promotion can be a very inexpensive and effective tool for small and large companies alike. In order to plan a marketing event, companies must look for public places such as shopping malls, sporting events, concerts, cultural events, fairs, parks, or even sidewalks in high traffic areas. The company must then assemble a team and come up with a creative and memorable campaign that includes takeaways. Street promotion may also involve flashmobs or other stunts to interact with audiences and help them remember a company or specific product.


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