Why Event Marketing Creates Emotional Connections and Builds Brand Loyalty

www.kizoa.com_IMG_1045 Brand loyalty is a powerful sales driver. It is often created when a consumer develops an emotional connection with a brand. Emotional connections can carry heavy weight when it comes to consumer purchasing decisions. This is so much so that, according to Robert Passikoff, the President of Brand Keys, a customer loyalty and engagement metrics firm, “the rule of thumb should be to view the purchase decision-making process as more emotional than rational, with estimates in most categories reporting a 70:30 emotional to rational ratio.”

Experiential marketing engages consumers face-to-face. This gives brands the opportunity to directly foster the emotional connection that is so critical in driving brand loyalty and, ultimately, sales. Most successful brands and marketing agencies have already caught on to the power of building brand connections through live events. An EMI/Mosaic study states that seventy-five percent of companies with event budgets between $50 and $100 million indicated they anticipate an ROI of more than 5 to 1 for live marketing events. 

Three Reasons Experiential Marketing Can Amplify Brand Loyalty


  • Entertainment Value

    Modern technology has allowed consumers to weave entertainment into almost every aspect of their lives, putting pressure on marketers to reach consumers in a way that is both enjoyable and impactful. By creating a unique and engaging event experience, marketers are able to capture consumer attention and leave a lasting impression. Recently ING staged a PR stunt in a busy European shopping mall in which Renaissance-era characters abruptly descended upon shoppers in what was an exciting, hilarious and extremely memorable performance that could only be accomplished in an experiential marketing event.

  • Events Engage the Senses

    Being able to actively see, smell, touch, hear and taste a brand experience in real life can make a much larger impact on a consumer than passively receiving brand information through traditional marketing and advertising. A study at the University of Texas showed that people absorb information best by using multiple senses, exactly as they do in an experiential marketing event experience. In fact, the study goes on to show that while people typically remember 10% of what they read, 20% of what they hear and 30% of what they see, people will retain 90% of what they do and say. This shows that an engaging event in which attendees can speak to brand ambassadors and physically experience the brand can drastically improve message retention and brand impact.

  • Human Touch

    In the era of Smartphones, email and social media, regular face-to-face interactions have begun to fade; however brands would be wise not to forget the power of communicating in-person. From mutual content engagement to body language, four out of six of the most important attributes of building a relationship cannot be achieved without the power of in-person communication. With live marketing events, brand ambassadors and representatives communicate brand messaging and are able to take advantage of every aspect of successful communication, establishing brand love that stays with consumers and creates brand loyalty.

Directly interacting with consumers through a unique and appealing event experience can be your most lucrative opportunity to establish a long-lasting and meaningful relationship with your customers, boost word-of-mouth recommendations and increase quality consumer engagement and sales. As your event staffing partner,  EventPro Strategies can work with you to maximize your next experiential marketing event and bring your brand to life!

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