This is Why Experience Matters When You Hire Event Staff


“The only source of knowledge is experience.” – Albert Einstein

He’s perhaps the most well-known scientist in history. His name synonymous with the label “genius.” So it may come as a surprise to learn Albert Einstein often bucked conventional education. In fact, he showed a “rebellious personality and penchant for skipping classes” in his college years. His accomplishments were instead a product of his own research and hard work. Through his efforts came experience, and with experience came knowledge. And the rest is history.

How Einstein Applies to Your Efforts to Hire Event Staff

Event staffing doesn’t require applying Einstein’s laws of physics. But there is a science to it. When you hire event staff, a system must be followed with comprehensive industry knowledge applied. And when it comes to the best spend of your marketing dollars and maintaining the integrity of your brand, the more knowledge you have, the better.

Knowledge is necessary to:

  • Understand your event’s unique needs;
  • Find the best people to represent your company or brand; and
  • Train event staff to effectively convey messages, demonstrate your offerings and make the sale.

Take a moment to consider the value of this knowledge to the success of your event and experiential marketing efforts. It places tremendous weight on who you partner with for your event staffing needs. Staffing agencies with a proven track record, ample years of success in the industry, and a well-curated database of talent can offer a level of knowledge and partnership that is unparalleled.

4 Attributes of an Experienced Event Staffing Company

When comparing agency partners to hire event staff, it’s important to consider the following four criteria.

Mitigates legal and financial risks.

The U.S. Department of Labor has its eyes on the event staffing industry. The same is true for any company relying on 1099 independent contractors to render services. And it recently demonstrated its conviction by ordering Uber to pay its drivers $100 million. This is because, under common-law rules, anyone who performs services for a company and is told what to do and how to do it should be hired as a W-2 employee. Otherwise, if a contractor is injured or fails to pay taxes, as examples, the liability becomes the problems of the event staffing company and its clients.

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In 2008, EPS became the first event staffing company to switch to a 100% W-2 model. We reclassified our 1099 independent contractors to W-2 variable hour employees. This pioneering move minimized legal and financial ramifications for our company and our clients. It gave our partners the peace of mind they deserve. Additionally, it boosted morale among our talent, who became official members of team EPS. Because of our experience, we have been called upon by national publications and programs to explain the importance of this move.

Brand ambassadors - great values

Employs capable and reliable event staff.

We know that staffing agencies can source event staff. Yet, further examination of a potential agency partner’s talent pool is necessary. Be sure to ask:

  • Can they provide staff where you need them without subbing out services to a local agency?
  • Do their people have the skills your event requires?
  • Are they trustworthy? Will they show up and deliver the service you need to wow attendees?
  • Who holds the staff accountable and how?

EPS employs tens of thousands of event staff across the U.S. and Canada. This ensures our clients have access to an extensive talent pool. Our people have tremendous experience as brand ambassadors and lead generation specialists. They’re product demonstrators and entertainers, among other specialized positions. Every time an opportunity is presented, we screen them again to ensure they’re the perfect fit for each specific program. And while we utilize technology to hold our staff accountable, we never allow automation to replace building relationships through human touch. Every event, large or small, is assigned a program coordinator to ensure a successful execution.

Enjoys repeat clients across various industries.

If you’re wondering what this one has to do with you, the answer is quite a bit. First, repeat business signals the event staffing company delivered the right talent and contributed to their clients’ success. This fact can help assure you of their abilities to serve your needs.

Second, the diversity in industries shows versatility and flexibility in meeting client requirements. The agency should recognize the need for these traits among their talent as well. After all, the staff members’ abilities to adapt is critical to your event’s success.

In our 17 years, EPS has built strong relationships with a myriad of clients at the national, regional and local levels. We partner with marketing, advertising and PR firms that work on behalf of brands. And we even work directly with brands that handle their marketing internally. Our clients hail from several different industries including automotive, healthcare, technology, retail and beyond.

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Offers added value for a well-rounded event.

An experienced event staffing company has worked with enough clients to be able to identify red flags as it relates to staffing or execution. And they step up proactively to provide a solution. Whether in initial planning or on-site management and execution, an event staffing company should offer additional value.

EPS has filled the gaps for many companies on countless occasions to deliver results. In addition to our ability to excel when we hire event staff, we can help clients in developing a comprehensive event plan. We can oversee event execution with a dedicated project manager. We will train event staff online, via teleconference or in person. We also test the staff to prove retention and ensure they share your key messages as intended. But perhaps the most overlooked event aspect is the integration of technology. It’s why we’ve developed and offer our proprietary event management solution.

Our platform helps consumers connect with clients during the event by collecting invaluable data. And it allows them to stay in touch after the event to further the relationship (and generate sales!). Our goal is to do what we can to build an experience for your guests and a brighter future for your company.

We would love to show you the difference that EPS’ makes when we hire event staff for our clients. Let us apply our years of experience to your event’s success.

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