Why the Experiential Marketing Industry is Booming

Experiential marketing eventThe digital age has changed the marketing landscape dramatically. A marketing campaign is nearly impossible without a incorporating a social media and online presence. Yet, experiential marketing has seen a significant growth in recent years.

Experiential creates a physical connection between the brand and potential consumers. The effectiveness of face-to-face marketing shows that people still have a strong desire for offline engagement.  This combined with the fact that modern communication creates a mandate for digital marketing makes it clear. Utilizing both digital and experiential in tandem for your marketing campaign is a win-win.

Tangible Experiences Connect with Consumers

The internet is buzzing with everyone’s brand; it is not terribly difficult to push a brand or event online if you have the resources. This means that the pressure to be different and stand out is substantial. Having exposure or getting on the radar of a media outlet is no longer enough, and neither is awareness. Brands have to create tangible relationships with their consumers – the old-fashioned way, so-to-speak. Despite the swift spread of all things digital, people best connect with a brand the same way they connect with one another: in person.

Experiential Marketing Boosts the Bottom Line

Ultimately, experiential marketing leads to improved engagement, and thus sales. Studies have shown that experiential marketing campaigns, or the implementation of experiential marketing into a marketing strategy, improves outcomes.  Experiential elevates standard approaches in terms of profit, not just awareness. As a result of research and experience, brands have moved forward with this approach in a noticeable way. Those who are using events are forming new and improving upon existing consumer relations. These relationships return a better opportunity to drive profit. Current consumers relay their positive experiences to new via social media and other online avenues, and experiential is amplified by the  digital reach.

Being bombarded by media promotions has left consumers feeling like just another faceless number on the bottom line. They are more likely to take notice when a brand reaches out to engage them in person. Experiential marketing equals a personal touch.

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