Marketing Firm: Purepartner by design
End Client: Microsoft / Zune
Program: Technology Marketing


Microsoft used LiveNation Concert Venues to unveil their high-tech, portable MP3 player, Zune. EventPro Strategies was chosen as the staffing agency to recruit, interview, hire, and manage 27 Venue staff across the nation to run this large-scale, on-going promotion.

  • 1,800 Total Talent shift hired
  • 28 Premium destination concert venues/amphitheaters nationwide
  • 350 Concert executions
  • 27 Venue Managers & 27 Assistant Managers
  • 2-6 Brand Ambassadors per event execution




  • Manager interviews for 1 month
  • Manager training for 5 days
  • Events spanned 5 months
  • Concert events added / removed with as little as 1 day notice

Program Elements:

  • Microsoft Lounge Units:
  • 12 Zune units on site for hands-on trial
  • 2 computers on site for consumer access to Zune.net
  • 2 Staff equipped with 1 Zune, each to venture out of the unit and encourage attendees to try out the product
  • Venue Manager Profiling and Contracting – We went through an extensive process of profiling and interviewing thousands of applicants for each Venue Manager position in order to choose the 28 most qualified candidates. Venue Managers had onsite responsibility for every element of the promotion – no client presence onsite.
  • Assistant Venue Manager and Local Brand Ambassador Interviewing, Hiring, Training, and Oversight. All required to engage and educate consumers on the product attributes; distribute collateral, premiums and or information; maintain event area; report any issue, comments


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