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Experiential Employee Management Services

When we provide you with Experiential Employee Management Services, you manage your teams directly while we handle HR administration and assume employer liability. We’ve got you covered!

While Uber has recently been in the news regarding 1099 employee misclassification, this topic is certainly not new. In September of 2014, the Department of Labor (DOL) awarded $10.2 million to 19 states to help finance their crackdown on independent contractor misclassification.


When companies hire staff as 1099 contractors but treat them as W-2 employees, both federal and state agencies lose significant payroll tax revenue. They also lose the ability to insure workers in the cases of unemployment claims and workplace injury. Companies that misclassify workers may encounter significant liability and penalties that include back taxes, overtime pay, workers compensation, employee health benefits and more.

What are Experiential Employee Management Services?

In addition to event staffing and execution, our event management company offers Experiential Employee Management Services (EEM). When a company hires us for EEM services, the client recruits and identifies the workers they want hired. They then send these individuals to our team, wherein we serve as the official employer.

That means we are responsible for staff:

  • On-boarding

  • Payroll

  • Tax withholding and employment compliance

  • HR, Insurance and Benefits

  • Background checks, drug testing, screening

  • Employment administration, including any corrective actions in the case of performance issues, insurance/unemployment claims, and more

  • Off-boarding at program conclusion

In addition, we maintain our commitment to client service – our unique services go well beyond what a payroll company offers. As a full-service event staffing agency, our company also includes a dedicated Project Manager and Project Team with all EEM services.


You will always have a dedicated team to ensure your needs are taken care of. EEM is similar to an Employer of Record, but several steps above in terms of white glove, comprehensive client services.

And because our clients are responsible for staff recruitment and management, these services are offered at a lower rate than traditional staffing services.

Hiring us for Experiential Employee Management Services relieves the cost and burden of employment administration, while mitigating risk associated with employee management and classification.

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