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Experiential Employee Management Services

When we provide you with Experiential Employee Management Services, you manage your teams directly while we handle HR administration and assume employer liability. We’ve got you covered!

In addition to event staffing and execution, Event Pro Strategies offers Experiential Employee Management Services (EEM). When a company hires us for EEM services, the client recruits and identifies the workers they want hired. They then send these individuals to our team, wherein we serve as the official employer.

Our EEM Services Are Protection For Our Clients

Our EEM services allow our clients to focus on the strategic and creative aspects of their events while leaving the complex, time-consuming process of employment management to the experts. This ensures our clients peace of mind knowing that all staffing-related tasks are handled professionally, compliantly, and efficiently.


DID YOU KNOW:  When companies hire staff as 1099 contractors but treat them as W-2 employees, both federal and state agencies lose significant payroll tax revenue. They also lose the ability to insure workers in the cases of unemployment claims and workplace injury. Companies that misclassify workers may encounter significant liability and penalties that include back taxes, overtime pay, workers compensation, employee health benefits and more.

Understanding Experiential Employee Management Services (EEM)

In addition to event staffing and execution, our event management company offers Experiential Employee Management Services (EEM). EEM is a specialized service that transforms the traditional staffing model into a more integrated and worry-free process for our clients and involves a comprehensive approach to managing the employment lifecycle of staff specifically recruited for events or promotional activities.

When a company hires us for EEM services, the client recruits and identifies the workers they want hired. They then send these individuals to our team, wherein we serve as the official employer.

Here's how it works and what it encompasses, so you can devote your time and attention to having a fun and engaging event.

We are responsible for:

Client-Directed Recruitment: The client identifies and selects the talent they believe best fits their event's needs. This allows the client to have a say in the selection process, ensuring the staff aligns with their brand and event goals.

Comprehensive Staff Management: Once these individuals are recruited, the responsibility for managing the logistical and administrative aspects of employment shifts to the EEM provider (Event Pro Strategies). 

This includes:

  • On-boarding: EEM providers handle all aspects of integrating new staff into the event project, ensuring they understand their roles, responsibilities, and the brand they will represent.

  • Payroll Services: We manage all payroll responsibilities, including calculating pay, distributing salaries, and handling taxes, thus relieving the client of complex financial management tasks.

  • Tax Withholding and Employment Compliance: This includes managing tax withholdings, ensuring employment compliance with local, state, and federal laws, and handling all HR-related matters such as insurance and benefits.

  • Background Checks: To ensure the safety and reliability of staff, EEM services include thorough background checks, drug testing, and other screening processes.

  • Employment Administration: This covers a wide range of tasks including dealing with performance issues, managing insurance and unemployment claims, and essentially all administrative tasks related to employment.

  • Off-boarding: At the conclusion of the program or event, the EEM provider handles the process of off-boarding employees, which includes completing any final payroll processes, terminating employment in compliance with legal requirements, and managing any concluding administrative tasks.

Why Hire Event Pro Strategies

Hiring us for Experiential Employee Management Services relieves the cost and burden of employment administration, while mitigating risk associated with employee management and classification.

Dedicated Project Manager and Project Team With All EEM Services

In addition, we maintain our commitment to client service – our unique services go well beyond what a payroll company offers. As a full-service event staffing agency, our company also includes a dedicated Project Manager and Project Team with all EEM services.

You will always have a dedicated team to ensure your needs are taken care of. EEM is similar to an Employer of Record, but several steps above in terms of white glove, comprehensive client services.

And because our clients are responsible for staff recruitment and management, these services are offered at a lower rate than traditional staffing services.

Please fill out the contact/proposal form to learn more!

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