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Event Pro Strategies
What We Do

Since 2010, our company has been the leader in full-service event staffing, execution, technology and measurement.

Event Staffing Experts

We specialize in delivering the right people (aka: Talent) for any marketing event while offering high-impact execution services and technology solutions. From street teams and guerrilla marketing to technology demos and mobile tours, we partner with marketing agencies and Fortune 500 brands across the entire U.S. to execute experiential marketing campaigns.

Since 2010, Event Pro Strategies has stood at the forefront of the event staffing industry. As a nationwide leader specializing in full-service event staffing, execution, technology, and measurement, we have carved a niche in transforming ordinary events into memorable experiences. Our commitment is to provide exceptional talent and execute seamless campaigns that not only meet but exceed client expectations.

We utilize our industry-leading technology and proven methodology to provide world class execution and project management services. Our company is a pioneer in event marketing and execution technology, and has adapted mobile technology tools specifically for the event marketing industry. These have shown to drive increased campaign results and ROI for our clients.




Staff Hired as W-2 Variable Hour Employees (NOT Independent Contractors)

Talent in our Talent Vault™

Years Leading the Event Staffing Industry

We Are Leaders in Event Staffing

We are not just about staffing your event; we are about enhancing your brand presence in the field. We offer tailored solutions ranging from street teams and guerrilla marketing to high-tech demos and sophisticated mobile tours. Whether partnering with marketing agencies or collaborating directly with Fortune 500 companies, our goal remains the same: to create impactful experiences that resonate with your audience. Our extensive network of over 68,000 professionals in our Talent Vault™ ensures we have the right people for your specific needs — all hired under W-2 Variable Hour Employment to ensure quality and compliance.

Our Event Staffing Technology Edge

In an era where technology drives marketing success, Event Pro Strategies is a pioneer. We have embraced and developed cutting-edge tools tailored specifically for event marketing. Our proprietary technology platforms facilitate streamlined project management, real-time communication, and robust data collection. This enables precise targeting and a granular analysis of campaign performance, ensuring optimal return on investment for our clients.

Our Commitment to Event Staff Excellence

Celebrating over 17 years of industry leadership, we remain dedicated to advancing the field of event staffing and execution. Our approach combines seasoned expertise with fresh creativity to keep our clients ahead in a dynamic market. We measure our success by the success of our clients, and every event is an opportunity to prove our commitment to excellence.

Why Choose Event Pro Strategies

Choose Event Pro Strategies for a partner who values your brand’s success as much as you do. With a proven track record, a nationwide reach, and a relentless drive for perfection, we are ready to take your next marketing campaign to unprecedented heights.

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