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Company History

Our premiere event marketing company is known for its leadership role in the event staffing industry and for its willingness to act as a pioneer, having achieved many industry “firsts”.

Our entire team is passionate about our leadership position in the event staffing industry and we are committed to constantly evolving and pioneering its direction.


Here are a few of the “industry firsts” that we are known for:

  • First to secure $5M in liability insurance and workers’ compensation coverage across all 50 states, Canada and other international locales.

  • First to implement a standard operating procedure to book 100% of all talent directly and never subcontract to other agencies.

  • First to reclassify and hire all talent as W-2 variable-hour employees, NOT independent contractors.

  • First to develop technology solutions to include real-time data capture and assimilation, ROI measurement, and customized talent training and talent testing.

  • First staffing agency to develop and adapt industry-specific mobile technology, such as lead generation, mobile survey and attendee check-in platforms.

We continue to be on the forefront of process engineering, operational standardization, large-scale staffing project management and innovative development for the experiential and event marketing staffing industry.

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