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Large-Scale Staffing and Project Management

Our premiere company continues to take the lead in large-scale event staffing and project management in event staffing.​​

With more than 17 years of proven experience in recruiting, screening, hiring, training and managing thousands of quality talent, we know what large-scale success looks like and how to achieve it.

  • Our talented company locks arms with its partners to create strategic large-scale management solutions.

  • Our two-way communication guarantees your goals will be met from start to finish.

  • The more complex the campaign, the better! The innovative Event Management App allows our company to deliver large-scale event staffing and execution services from a single market to hundreds (or even thousands) of locations throughout the entire U.S.

Comprehensive Strategic Plan

  • Approach and execution plan mapping

  • Contingency planning

Dedicated Project Manager and Account Team

  • Project manager: One point of contact

  • Program Coordinators: Based on region or specialty

  • On-site management and site checks

Customized Training

  • Web-based, teleconferencing or in-person training

  • Learning Management System upgrade

  • Online quizzes/testing services

  • On-boarding programs for ongoing projects

Program-Specific Technology Solutions and Management Systems

  • Pre-event and post-event reports

  • Communication tools

  • Tracking, reporting and data capture

  • Assimilation of ROI and program metrics for analysis

  • Proof of performance (photos, videos, auditing)

  • Mobile consumer engagement technology

Talent Management and Oversight

  • Performance incentive development and tracking

  • Text reminders and motivators

  • Real-time feedback and troubleshooting

  • Strategy evolution based on daily metrics

Wrap-Up and Key Learnings

  • Analysis of program

  • Strategic recommendations for future programs

Control Center

  • Advanced check-in procedures across all time zones

  • Real-time online or mobile phone check-in

  • Hotlines, help desks

*Project management components are included based on the size, scope, budge, needs and intricacies of each program.

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