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Event Technology Platform and Program Measurement

Our app-based system provides unparalleled transparency, efficiency and scalability.

Competitive Advantage

We are the only event staffing company with a license for this industry-leading technology. No other agency in the industry has access. Our platform has been modified specifically to accommodate W-2 employees and contains our extensive talent database.

  • Advanced Event Logistics Interface

  • Intelligent Photo Management

  • Dynamic Match Score

  • Virtual Resumes/Applications

  • Open API Platform Integration

  • Extensive Reporting & Analytics

Platform Highlights

Proprietary algorithm customizes talent selection based on:

  • Location

  • Staff experience

  • Staff certifications

  • Client feedback/ratings

  • Performance metrics and more

  • Talent videos: Clients access; can set interview questions/review any time

  • Talent reviews: Client ratings/reviews show post-event feedback

  • Advanced training: App-based video training and in-depth testing

  • Talent geo-location: Geo-tracking show exact location of talent at check-in. Reduces no-show rates, improves client/talent/communication

  • Advanced Reporting and Metrics: Staffing performance, Talent performance, event recaps, aggregated campaign reports

  • Instant in-app communication: Push notifications for simultaneous info feed to all staff through app re: training, real-time event changes and more

Let us show you more! 

Additional Technology and Training Methodology and Services

While event technology accelerates our processes, it does not replace our commitment to our Global Reach – Local Touch® philosophy.

Talent Training and Selection

  • Our company uniquely hires all talent as W-2 variable hour employees (not 1099 independent contractors), protecting our clients from the risks associated with employee misclassification

  • Talent are personally interviewed by one of our Program Coordinators for every event – we do not rely solely on virtual screening

  • We use proven event staff training methods aimed at customized campaign knowledge

Event Data and Results Management

Learning Management System (LMS)

  • Digital tools gather field data

  • Real-time data capture

  • Trend analysis

  • On-line training system

  • Customized, interactive

  • Self-paced

  • Quizzes/proof of retention

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