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Event Experience

The principles of Assist Marketing are former market managers, agency executives and promotional staffers whose years of on site event experience has provided ties to hundreds of clients and agencies contacts and cultivated relationships with thousands of promotional talent.  This invaluable hands-on experience serves as the foundation of our company.


Successful events require meticulous attention to detail, from start to finish. The process begins with a deep understanding of the marketing objectives and the tasks required, followed by staffing solutions and finally, overseeing the event execution. All along the way our team manages and monitors each program to ensure our commitment is visible to our partners.

Extensive Network

We are one of a few agencies that has the ability to staff events coast to coast. During the last 10 years, our leadership has built an extensive network of quality promotional staffers who jump at the opportunity to work new events for new clients and brands, wherever that may be.


Business is a two way street and we fully understand the responsibility tied to our partners and to our staff. Whether it is our leadership, our on-site managers, or those pesky time sheets we ask you to complete, we are accountable for your business. AND the accountability doesn’t stop there. We pride ourselves in taking care of our staff, offering quick payment to our staff that offer superior Assists… much quicker than industry standards. We do not strive to simply adhere to the norm – our goal is to constantly exceed expectations of our staff and clients.


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