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E3 - PlayStation

In the gaming world, E3 is a must-attend event. Throughout the convention, we posted up in downtown Los Angeles activating PlayStation’s esports/gaming initiatives. From the opening press conference, to the expo, to retail activations and closing ceremonies, we was plugged-in as staff pushed PS4, the most popular gaming console on the market.

Highlights of the activation included PlayStation Pro 4, PlayStation VR and a series of new games. As a part of the big event, Sony unveiled three new games due for release in 2018: Gran Turismo, Spiderman and God of War.

Our staff brought the activation to life by bringing gaming experiences to the consumers. Our team was responsible for registration, line management and handicap accessibility from an event logistics perspective. To go the extra mile, we also ran retail efforts, provided mascots and costume players for the event, led product demonstrations and hired specialists who highlighted Sony’s latest line of tech products. Throughout the entire week, our staff were on their feet bringing the energy and providing unique gaming experiences for hardcore gamers from around the world.



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